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In the following you can find most common questions and answers.

I got the following error message: Failed to sleep Device! Drive D: Unzulässige Funktion (ErrorCode 1).

When you get Error Code 1 you have to use the windows driver (pciide*.sys) for your hard disk controllers! In the main affecting nforce drivers.
Right-click single Controler->Update Driver...->Install from a list or specific location->Don't search. I will choose the driver to install-> and then use the standard driver.

I get "Failed to deactivate device! Drive X: access is denied! Drive couldn't be deactivated. VetoName: . Try again!"

...the drive actually DOES spin down briefly, but then spins back up.
...the drive doesn't sleep
or being used by another process (ErrorCode 32)

  • Disable the following services (Start->Run->type services.msc) and RESTART WINDOWS afterwards:
    • system restore (Systemwiederherstellung)
    • TrkWks (Überwachung verteilter Verknüpfungen (Client))
    • Windows Search / Microsoft Indexing Service (Windows Search/Searchindexer)
  • Unmount image files (Daemon Tools: Closing dt ISNT ENOUGH. The Handles are still open even dt doesnt running. You have to unmont the files!)
  • Maybe you share folders over network: remove Folder sharing
  • Plz use process explorer to find other handles, which have access on that drive: (find->handle->type d: )
  • Try to disable/terminate as much services and processes as possible (step by step)

Revo dont see my HDD

Try to use primary partitions. Only one partition per hd is shown. Dont use logical partitions or raids. usb isnt supported by revosleep. RevoSleep only shows drives with drive letters atm. this will be improved in new version.

It is possible to put the USB drives to sleep? (ErrorCode 50)

Atm it doesn't seem to work with usb drives, because they dont support the essential commands ...
but simply pull out your usb drive.

revoSleep can't be seen when I do the remote administration with VNC. It's just invisible.

You have to activate "Capture Alpha-Blending" on the vnc server (UltraVNC Server: right-click tray icon->Admin Properties->Misc.->check Capture Alpha-Blending).