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revoSleep lets your hard disk sleep in few seconds. You can lock different hard disks, so you can be sure they won't wake up.

Here is the proceeding of revoSleep

  • Lock all partitions on the specified hard disk
  • Dismount all partitions on the specified hard disk
  • Sleep the specified hard disk
  • Put all volumes on the specified hard disk in offline state (vista)
  • Deactivate the driver for the specified hard disk
  • The locked drives won't wake up
  • You can unlock/lock different drives

Usage of revoSleep

  • When you start revoSleep, you will see a try icon in your taskbar
  • You can double-click the try icon, so you will see the GUI of the program
  • Here you can specify the drives you want to lock (only 1 partition per hd is shown, no software-raid yet)
  • With right-click the try icon, you can unlock/lock different drives
  • All preferences you set will be saved
  • Every time you start revoSleep the sleep mode of your hard disks is activated automatically
  • For changing drives without starting revoSleep, edit 'drives.rev' in revoSleep folder (Syntax e.g.: C:;D:;E:)

That's it. I will still work on the program to improve it. Use revoSleep-Board to post your opinion, problem or some hint to improve revoSleep!

NOTE: I can not guarantee that the program won't damage your computer. So use it carefully - using revoSleep at your own risk. Setting Hard Disks to standby-mode very often, can damage the devices. So don't switch the sleep-mode every time.

Download revoSleep here

revoSleep v0.2.4 BETA (x86) [482 KB] (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 - x86)
revoSleep v0.2.4 BETA (x64) [484 KB] (Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 - x64)

When you get Error Code 1 you have to use the windows driver (pciide*.sys) for your hard disk controllers! In the main affecting nforce drivers.

For more information visit: revoSleep board